Rafael Diaz SR.

The American Dream! I would say the American Dream is what I have achieved in a sense with Kingdom Jumpers. I started off as a cook in California and soon fell in love and began the journey of my own family. In order to provide for my family I started a side hustle which quickly grew. In 2003, my family and I moved to Goshen, IN where I officially started Kingdom Jumpers with four small bounce houses. When I had started Kingdom Jumpers it was just a side hustle because there were no other businesses providing this service in the area, so it grew quickly. Request for our bounce houses and service grew and each year we added more options. In 2010 I made the decision to make this my full time career. I love putting smiles on peoples faces and this career has gave me the opportunity to see those smiling faces for a living. I am blessed to do work that brings me joy. Throughout the years I have built a returning client list, met many great people, and get to meet new people each year. In 2021 I currently have 28 bounce house designs and growing. I continue to do this because of the joy I see on people's faces and especially the smiles on the children's faces when the "jumper guy" arrives. My goal is to keep bringing smiles, grow the business, and pass it down to my son one day.

Rafael Diaz JR.

I have been working for my father ever since I can remember. Now at age 20, I have grown into the position am I now. Being a part of the family business has helped me to overcome fears and guided me. My path in the family business with my father has helped me to stay true to my family. I am grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me.